Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to JamZone!!!

Hey there, JamZone is up and running! That's right, a window into the lives of Grape, Brandy, and King, coming to you live from the foot of Potrero Hill in San Francisco. First off, let's introduce you to the Jam.

Today for dinner, Grape rolled up on a super burrito featuring the unholy combination of fried fish and chile verde pork. Reports from Grape indicate it was a total Jam.

And just yesterday, King woke up with a monumental hangover and immediately dialed up the local Chinese slop shop. Crab Rangoon, check. Spicy Wings, check. General Tso's, check. Jam, indeed. Earlier last week, King was spotted at his go-to downtown Indian joint. Lamb Curry, check. Vegatable Curry, check. Rice, Naan, check. Two Mountain Dews, check. Definite Jam.


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