Monday, May 22, 2006

Lunch Jams

Holed up in his cubicle in downtown SF, King needs to kick off the work week with a lunch jam. Feeling uncharacteristically democratic, he's decided to poll JamZone readers for suggestions. Please vote in the comment section for one of the following jams:

1) Indian Buffet - See post below for visuals. There is no fucking around with this option. Pros include lots of mass, exotic spices, and tablecloth. Cons include the suspect quality of ingredients, the ensuing bloody mess that will eventually land in the toilet, and the smell of curry seeping out of King's pores later that day at the gym.

2) Fresh fruit and cottage cheese from the gym - Alas, this is not a Jam at all. But King's tract is still mending itself from the heavy weekend Jams, so this healthy and gentle alternative might be required to get the system back in order for more intensive and caloric jams later this week

3) Dollar Menu Gauntlet (DMG) - A repulsive Jam that includes one of everything on the dollar menu at the nearest fast food chain. King, Grape, and Brandy were talking last night about the feasibility and tastiness of each of the major chain's dollar menus. General agreement that Burger King takes the prize, with Wendy's not too far behind. Bringing up the distant rear would be McDonalds, with its heavy emphasis on $1 dessert items. Unfortunately, King's closest option is McDonalds, so unless you think gobbling down a McFlurry, a parfait, and a box of those cookies is a good idea, perhaps you should spare King the misery of a McDonalds DMG.

Cast your votes...


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Cream said...

Uno, hands down. At dinnertime, don't forget the 22 oz Taj or Kingfisher.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger halflater said...

You are probably right that BK would be most feasable DMG.. but this is because their "value menu" is so limited. You'd be crushing a whopper jr., chicken nugs 4pc, small fries, small onion rings, side salad, dutch apple pie... and a small soft drink. That is more like a balanced meal... not really a challange.
Wendy's, the originator of the $.99 menu poses more of a feat. You would be crushing 3 burgers (jr bacon cheese, jr cheese delux, and jr bbq cheese); 5pc nugs; fries; chili; baked potato; 2 salads (side, and ceaser side); frosty; yougert with granola; and a small coke. Wendy's is no joke.
I won't go over the mcd's dollar menu.. you are right. the desserts there will destroy you. I have on several occasions jamed on this dollar menu though.. mainly drunken late night $2 jams on a double cheese and mcchicken. makes you feel alright. nice blog though guys, keep up the good work.

-half later (aka B-Healthy)

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Brandy Himself said...

With BK, you'd be looking at over 1600 calories and approximately 80 grams of fat, at least 25 of them saturated, depending on salad dressing selected. An Undeniable Jam. But yeah, Wendy's triumphs. McDs would be unfair.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger halflater said...

just calculated the wendy's DMG
3130 calories
125g of fat
37 g saturated


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