Sunday, June 10, 2007

Burger King on the Offensive Again

TOKYO, Japan - Once again getting aggressive on acquiring more land for it's jam-fiefdom, Burger King announces it's plan to reinvest Tender Crisps into a market that once denied their jam. Resident jammer Greens reports:

"After a hiatus of nearly 7 years, Burger King is having another go at the Japanese market, opening two restaurants in Tokyo, one last Friday, and one on June 22nd, with more in the works. So finally, world-jammers, fears of entering a place where Tender Crisp means soft-shelled crab (which really is a huge jam) can be chucked into the disposal, and you can rest easy on your Japanese vacation with a 370 yen pit stop for two all beef patties with extra pickles. Boo-yeah! Apparently, in these new locations they’re launching a Japan-only Whopper Teriyaki, which, to me, sounds like nothing less than a total power-jam."

American fast food chains of reputable fame and fortune have had success in jamming Japanese, for now though, we will wait and see if the King can make it's comeback.


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