Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Big apologies to all for the vacation. But no time for explanations, let's get right down to it!

A few new Jam Spots have popped up on the radar since we last spoke. First Up LA TIENDITA, the sister store of famed tacqueria EL METATE. Do not deny this place! Something tells me the fine folks at LT have yet to set up a website for their establishment, so no link unfortunately, but trust us the tortas are a total jam, featuring the carnitas and fish fillets we've all come to love from next door, as well as a fried chicken number that gets mighty results.

And unlike some of the tract-busters at El Metate (Chili Verde Nachos, Chile Colorado Platter, Kiddie Pool of Salse Verde), LT's Tortas are surely gentler on the internals. With a shooter of soup on the side, they come in right around $6.

In sadder news, the legendary Roadside Taco restaurant has been shut down by the health authorities. No real surprises here, but we'll surely miss the memories of eagerly standing in line at 3 AM, deciding which hot greasy meats deserve our custom that particular night, and eyeing wobbly hipster poon on 24th st.


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