Thursday, June 08, 2006

Psych Jam Circle

You missed out. So believe it or not, Sunday night in celebration of a Jam-filled weekend, the food hungry fools at Jam Zone, crashed the National Food Festival with an impromptu Drum Circle Jam. To make this a true jam zone jam, we filled our Djembe drums with an assortment of jamable delights. This picture if proof in the pudding so to speak and gives you apprentices to the jam an inside look at the wonderful founders of The Jam Zone.

Pictured far left is Grape rocking the blue/grey bandana and kicking a funky beat on two drums, one filled with Chicken Tika Marsala and the other brimming with a heap of Crab Rangoon goodness. Sitting in front of Grape, but unfortunately facing away from the camera, is B of the Bsmiths hittin' a beat on drum stuffed with those Spicy Chicken wings from Punjab. A little aside, following our weekend of jams, B of the Bsmiths rocked out hard on a personal order of Fried Spicy wings and Fried rice. Jam On !! In the white cap is King, playing a gangsta half beat on his Southern Pork Shoulder Bongo set. Half-way through our drum jam, King screamed "I can't take it any more," and ripped open his bongos much to the roaring delight of the crowd. Although they thought he was riding the music snake, King was actually just hungry and needed to taste that sweet Carolina flava. Without a drum, King jumped on the Gong featured in the back of the photo. In the back with the Cap and Bling in his ears, is our man Half-Later. Half ripped it up on a pair of bongos as well, which he crammed in an unconfirmed amount of roadside tacos. Truth be told, Half lived up to his name and ate half of each taco before he stuffed it into his bongos. Lastly, is our man Brandy pullin' a Stevie Wonder for the people. I will tell you what, something about that Pollo Asado/Chile Relleno combination in Brandy's drum made him go off that night. Right after this picture was taken Brandy actually stood up with drum in hand and started hootin' and hollerin' like a man fresh from a jam. A call and response soon erupted where in Brandy would yell, "Where's my Asado?" and the crowd would respond, "With my Relleno!"

Bottom line, shit went off. Although the promoters at the National Food Festival had issues with our hostile takeover of their jamstivities, ire was quickly extinguised when we shared with everyone the wonderful bounties found inside each drum.


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