Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Buffet: Jam On It

Be it Chinese, Indian, Wedding, Western Sizzlin', Sizzler, Wendy's, a Cruise Line, Pizza Hut, or the Family Reunion, the buffet is both reason to celebrate and reason to jam hard. Grape just returned from a weekend wedding jam fest which may have well been entitled, The Wedding: A Succession of Jams. The wedding buffet was insane: cheese plates, check, vegi platters, check, dessert table, check, and the rarely overlooked open bar jam, check please. Needless to say Grape represented hard and often on the East Coast. Capped things off with a quick stop at the East Coast Summer BBQ jam, one of the most delightful jams around, before jamming in another round of Flight Jam.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous King said...

When I was a teen, Dad took me to a reception of some sort. The only thing I can remember is one of the buffet stations, where a kind man was grilling up lamb chops on a hibachi. I probably went through the line eight or 10 times, and each time he placed more chops on my plate with a smile. Never did he judge my gluttony. Total Chop Count was easily 25, maybe 30.


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