Wednesday, May 24, 2006


JZ must do a more detailed post on all the Jam Challenges that lie ahead. High-count In-N-Out jams (10 x 10, anyone?), Wing competitions (Ben you are meat tonight!), DMGs, etc. But let's relay a recent episode:

One morning a friend (hell of a jammer, this friend) and King needed a jam challenge but were fresh out of respectable jam fuel. Still a bit addled from the previous night, and in full competitive mode, they decided to see who could eat the biggest spoonfuls of salt. Then they switched to eating heaps of flour. Was it a jam? By all accounts, certainly not. In fact it was disguisting, wasteful, and King's internals turned to briny paste for the rest of the day. But was the spirit of the Jam Challenge in full effect? JamZone votes YES!!!


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Grape said...

Yes. Jams take on many forms. The spirit of the jam is what is important. Speaking of a jam, I just jammed a Santana truck Pollo Asado burrito. A jam from beginning to end.
Thanks to half for picking it up.

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous benJAMin said...

i was unaware that tonight's events were of a competitive nature. had i known, i would have prepared. i was under the impression that the wing challenge was happening next weekend. no matter.

you're talking to the man who competitively jammed deviled eggs, french toast, wasabi, and other assorted delicacies. i will not back down.


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