Monday, May 22, 2006

Hangover + Classic Indian Jam II: A Remembrance of Jam Past

To bring it back to King's Indian Jam of previous posting, Brandy would like to add that Indian Buffet is actually the most brutal and direct Hangover Jam he has ever tried. In his book, it trumps Torta Gorda sandos and gritty Chinese dial-ups by miles.

A story to prove it: One fine Summer's eve a number of yrs ago, Brandy, Spot, Lil N, and most solid college bro 'Nache hooked up in My Old Kentucky Jamtown the night before a crucial Zoo Jam excursion and Shellac/Dianogah Concert Jam. The Feel-Good Jam of the Summer, twas. Rented out a 20 dollar room at the Economy Inn (major hooker and dealer JamSpot) and Jammed Intensely on Vodka and Rum until Sunrise. 'Nache staved off hunger mid-Jam with a Side Jam of Hot Dog from gas station down the road but when we arose to check out, after only a few hours of sleep, we were all so horribly fucked up and in bad need of a Restorative Jam pre-show and pre-zoo. Naturally, we looked to the Indian Restaurant across the street. Poor 'Nache could not handle the Tikka Masala or the Vindaloo. He was nibbling lettuce greens and other Peripheral Buffet Items with little external pleasure. Brandy bombed on Saag Paneer (one of the most dangerous Jam foods ever created). Spot and Lil N were holding their own. We crushed until we reached Jam Capacity. Less than three hours later, deep in the Zoo, highly engrossed in the hobbling patterns of a smelly dromedary, Brandy took a sip from his extra-large slushy and realized that he felt absolutely grand despite having, along with 3 other formidable Booze Jammers, capsized 1.75 liters of Captain Morgan's and assassinated 1 liter of Smirnoff vodka less than 6 hours prior. A Very Classic Jam, no doubt. No scientist would have guessed that a Jammer seeking to soothe an Over-Jammed Stomach and Liver would manage to do so with the aid of tandoori skewers, spicy curried bean pastes, and Basmatic pilafs. Guess again. Jam Zone invites any "scientists" to explain how this Miraculously Successful Jam Sequence transpired.

Moreoever, JamZone also invites you non-scientists to reflect on some Jams you might have sought out for the specific purpose of eliminating the pains of a wretched hangover. We await your tales. Until then, Jam On.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger halflater said...

Tikka Masala begets full-blown gungadera. Know this.


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