Friday, May 26, 2006

Our JAM Could Be Your Life

Apologies for the lack of recent posts. It's obvious that the JAM is getting in the way of our reporting here at the Zone. When you dedicate most of your waking hours to the logisitics of the JAM (hauling supplies, canvassing local buffets, monitoring cattle futures) there's only so much time for posting. The other day we tried to Jam and post, and now there is wing sauce between the computer keys. So we've decided to hire an intern.

This is basically an unpaid position. Your grand responsibility would be to help us balance our JAM-heavy lifestyles with our duties to this site. For example, if we were jamming hard (perhaps installing a deep fryer in our kitchen while downing skewered lamb) you might have to help us out with posts, editing, and other JamZone-related matters.

Likewise, one day we'll probably just send you up the street for a tray of tacos. Or you might have to participate in one of our weekly JZ-sponsored events. Such as next week's "Four Men, One Keg" challenge. As it stands, we're obviously one man short.

Requirements: Elementary computer skills. Internet connection. Impressive GI capacity. Solid internals. No food allergies (complicates our monthly MYSTERY JAM).

if you feel up for it, simply leave your name, e-mail, and your top three SF Jams in the comments section...


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous ben jam in said...

suggested intern punk-rock-jam reading material:

"get in the jam."

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Tetyenasai said...

Dear sirs or madams,

I will be veru much like working for you. I having had much experiences with the JAM in countries and many the continental voyages. My stomach is not lot difference from some larger animal bowels. I even eating the sandwich right now! Oh yes, i will need the H1B visa sponsorship.



At 7:46 PM, Anonymous brandy himself said...



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