Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jam Fence

An early morning of conference calls and market research had King's internals rumbling for some action at about 10:00 today. Normally El Rey just heads down to the local tacqueria for his fuel (note to unthinkably cute Mischa Barton look-alike spotted there yesterday: your boyfriend seemed like a toad), but today there was plenty in the fridge so no need to hike down the road.

A quick prep job yielded the following jam: Mixed greens, cherry tomato, avocado salad. Roasted pork on ciabatta. Chips and salsa. And two Horizon chocolate milk boxes (these tasty devils now account for way too much of King's daily spending. Don't worry, he's looking into bulk savings via mail order).

Anyway, to contain this AM bounty King searched for some type of serving platter, and he even considered plating it all on a cookie tray. But all he could find was a standard dinner plate. Naturally, the Jam couldn't contain itself and spilled over on the counter, then on the floor as he brought the Jam into the TV room, and then eventually onto the coffee table upon which King feasted.

So King got to thinking (intrepid VCs call King at 415-824-4155) that what was needed was some sort of attachable railing for the standard-sized dinner plate, to prevent aggravating drop-offs. Much like a fence holds in a herd of cattle, the attachable railing would keep all your treats safely on your plate. Dishwasher-safe, available in several different colors and styles (picket fence, ranch-style wooden fence, chain link, wrought iron, etc.), they would be an instant success.



At 1:38 PM, Anonymous ben jam in said...

in the future, shortly before the robots rise up and kill, the jam fence will be a jam forcefield. advances in anti-gravitational forces will not only aid meringues and souffles, but also ambitious jammers.

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous brandy himself said...

mischa barton looks like an anorexic twat, innit? we need to sell monogrammed bibs on JamZone.


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