Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jamming to Music

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca - Benjammin went on assignment and searched through his record collection to bring you this detailed report on music and the jams they evoke.

-"White 1," "White 2," and "Flight of the Behemoth," by sunn0))): slow-roasting a pork shoulder and watching it the whole time
-Anything by Lynyrd Skynyrd (except "that smell"): plowing through a whole bucket of fried chicken by yourself
-"Isa," by Enslaved: eating grimly cold ice cream too fast and getting a totally kvlt headache
-"Prowler in the Yard," by Pig Destroyer: gnawing on some sweet pork ribs
-"1000 hurts," by shellac: punishing some chicago links
-"The Creek Drank the Cradle," by Iron and Wine: quietly eating box after box of cookies
-"Reign in Blood," by Slayer: shredding shredded wheat
-"When Forever Comes Crashing," by Converge: killing and preparing a chicken
-"Eating is Fun, Eating is Serious," by Chris Burke: psyching up for some seriously fun jamming
-anything by Bright Eyes: not jamming, so you can fit into those really small pants that you wear

Oooh Snap. Yeah Bright Eyes, stop by our residence and jam next time you come through town. Oh that's right, you will probably be too busy not rocking riffs and trying to jam garden salads with baked tofu.


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