Friday, June 15, 2007

Profiles in Jamming: BRANDY

POTRERO FLATS, Sf - When asked to comment on his favorite Mexican dish, Brandy went completely off:

"I'm taking El Farolito's boiled chicken but I'm giving it a good long dunk in the Pancho Villa green chile sauce before it ends up on my burrito. I'll take El Metate's rice, plus a straight ripe avocado from anywhere reputable (no old-ass guac for me) and pinto beans from anywhere, and add the grilled vegetables from Papalote's and a chopped fried-and-cheese-filled chile relleno from Taqueria San Francisco. For splashing sauces, I'll have El Farolito's green and Papalote's delicious orangey-red. The tortilla can be from anywhere but it has to be big and pliant. I will take it to Ali Baba's on Valencia and have them grill it up on them coals so its crispy on outside prior to my first bite. Or I will take it to Punjab and have them fry it hard as shit. Either way I'll have flour chips from El Metate on the side along with those great splashing sauces and Cholula and the green habanero mind-fuck sauce. To drink, one pineapple-melon agua fresca, ice-water, and one very cold 24 oz can of Budweiser. For dessert, I will have a York Peppermint Patty and two 40's, one taped to each hand. I will record my meal with some close bullet mics on either side of my mouth and a few big old condensers for the rest (and room/street ambience) and have it played back in stereo on large speakers with live mixing by Grape, with it all running through a Boss d-6 delay with Half Later twiddling the nobs . So the whole time I am eating I will listen to myself eat. And then I'll cheer. And then I'll be hearing myself cheer. And why not -- I'll be getting a bj too. That is my jam."

Enjoy your weekend jammers.


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous ben-jammin said...

hats off.

grizzly bear vs. great white shark vs. rogue elephant vs. rhino vs. brandy's jam...brandy's jam wins.


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